Christmas time, mistletoe and wine

It’s that time of year again, time to get handmade gifts and Christmas crafts underway. I think I’m going to make clothes for a couple of family members, I’ve joined the Sew Delicious Sweet Pouch Swap, and I always like to make a couple of decorations for the tree and gifts.

As I didn’t have a blog last year, here’s a round of my projects from Christmas 2013:

Table runner

I made a table runner for my mum, which was inspired by this pin:


As soon as I saw it, I envisaged a Christmas version with red, green, white and gold. Unfortunately, on close inspection, there was no instructions associated with this pin, it was actually an item for sale on Etsy. On closer inspection still, it’s not even a pieced quilt. It is a print that the person has quilted, which is stated and fine for the price, but if you look closely, its asymmetrical! They should have cut an extra inch or so off the right hand side so the main wreaths are centred.

Nonetheless, I set about trying to replicate the design in a pieced quilt. Free instructions for a garden twist block were actually very hard to come by, and so I used a couple of sources, but made most of it up myself. I took photos every step of the way, and intend to upload detailed instructions here one day. That pin is my post re-pinned, so I’d like to be able to introduce some proper instructions to help people out on Pinterest, in case anyone else wants to actually make one themselves. Here is the final result.

P1100850P1100857Oven mitts

I decided to use the leftover christmas fabric from the table runner and leftover thermal batting from making my own oven mitts to make some christmas oven mitts for my mother in law. I was really pleased with how well these turned out, I love the stripey piecing, and these ones turned out much better than the ones I made for myself. The tutorial I used can be found here.


Button trees

I saw these on Pinterest amongst one of those long annoying pictures that had 8-10 pictures all joined up, but doesn’t really link to any instructions or useful website. However, it was easy enough to replicate, I just ordered a bunch of buttons and some red thread online.


I have a bunch of leftover green buttons, so this year I think I’ll make some button wreaths like this one:


I also love these cards. I’m very hit and miss on Christmas cards, but I’ll try and make a few of these for some key friends and family I usually make the effort for.

Tree skirt

Last year was the first Christmas my husband and I spent together in our own home, as we previously lived with his parents. We both love Christmas, so we bought a fake tree (I wish we could have a real one every year!) and I finally had a reason to make a tree skirt, which I’d been thinking about for a few years. I love the santa claus fabric on this, it was pricey, but so worth it and also offset by using leftover star fabric from the table runner and oven mitts for the alternating wedges (I don’t know how much I bought, but that star fabric has gone a long way, I was using leftover scraps for a fourth project today). I used an excellent online tutorial, which sadly has been taken down. I trimmed the skirt too much on one side, so one end is longer than the other, oops! Luckily it’s easy enough to hide at the back of the tree. Otherwise I’m really happy with how it turned out, but it’s a project I’d like to re-do every few years to change things up under the tree (any excuse to buy more Christmas fabric!). Sorry the picture is terrible!


Here’s a close up of the gorgeous fabric I used.

IMG_20131209_213223 2

I have some of this santa fabric leftover that I’d like to do something else with, like applique some santas onto a project or turn them into christmas tree decorations, and I also have this fun wombat fabric in need of a project. I have no idea what to do with it, so this one may just sit in my Christmas stash for a while.




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