Hoppity hop

Thanks to my lovely sewaway roomie and generous tip giver Helen for nominating me for the blog hop! I have to admit when Helen first asked me I would like to participate, I had not a clue of what she was referring to, but I finally gave in to feedly (bring back Google reader!) and signed up to all the lovely social sewer blogs the other day, so I’m up to speed!

Unfortunately, I’m sans coffee machine today as I’m visiting the in-laws cat while they are overseas (yes, we drove a long way to spend a weekend visiting a cat, but given his preference is to sit on our faces all day and night while we’re here, the poor thing is clearly not getting enough love from his carers), but I’m all settled in with a french press to finish up this post.

IMG_20141011_110324Some cute bunnies (and a guinea pig) I saw at the pet store today – most appropriate!

Why do you write?

As I said above, I finally sorted feedly out and added a whole bunch of sewing blogs to my reader, from all the wonderful people I’ve met at social sewing, along with some from the wider network. It seems like everyone often mentions yet another blog in their own posts, so my unread items seem set to grow! Entering the world of Feedly also allowed me to see I have four subscribers. FOUR! I was pretty stoked to be honest, this little blog hasn’t been up for long and I haven’t publicised it too widely yet.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying I really started this blog as a diary, a place to record my finished products for myself. I also wanted to note all the trials and tribulations along the way, especially for when I go to repeat a pattern or use a similar technique from a previous garment. Having a public blog increases the accountability to myself somehow, but I also hope that by publishing online, I can help other people in future, as I have found so many blog posts and online tutorials useful. I hope I can either pass useful links on further, or even help with my own interpretations and tips and tricks. I’d also like to branch out to post some of my cooking adventures and experiences trying out tips from Pinterest.

What are you working on?

Many things! I must always have a dozen projects on the go between sewing (clothes, crafty things and quilts), knitting, cross stitch and any other random things I’m working on. I was quite proud to finish (starting from scratch too) three garments in one week a while back (hoodie, dress and cardigan) – quite an achievement for someone who likes to start projects with a bang, but has trouble with timely follow through.

I recently set myself a goal of completing 10 projects I had either started or had in the pipeline, so technically I’m working on these, though I have snuck in a couple of other things as well. Lets see how I’m going with those 10 projects:

  • Finish my new cowl – I got so close to finishing this one, but really need another ball of yarn to add a bit more length. The imperative has gone with the weather warming up, but as soon as I take a trip to Morris and Sons, I will get back to this.
  • Reknit a pair of socks – I finished one half of the pair just the other night and will cast on the second today.
  • [secret knitting project] – yet to be cast on, but also hoping to make a start this weekend.
  • The ric-rac giraffe finished!
  • Make a new pencil skirt using a self-drafted pattern – half way there, but I need to take at least 8 (!) inches total out of the side seams, not quite sure why, but my wool fabric went crazy wide post-cutting.
  • Finish my latest quilt for the first time, I moved straight from quilt top completion to basting to quilting. Then progress slowed, but I will keep plugging away at this, a bit at a time, and get there in the end.
  • Make my second self-drafted hoodie – done, but yet to be blogged.
  • Make a moneta (or two!) – done!
  • Make a cute Christmas reindeer – still cut out, still waiting to receive a single stitch, but I definitely want him standing by my tree this December.
  • A new bag in cord fabric – I’ve gone off this project, so project number 10 is likely to be revised.

I’m also working on my sewing room. We are lucky to have a second bedroom, and once husband sold the cross trainer he never used, I took full ownership of it. But it is a mess, mainly due to a lack of storage (and I guess all my unfinished projects taking up room!). I’ve purchased lamps, because the lighting is awful, but I still need storage before I can get everything in its right place.

How does it differ from other sites of its genre?

What’s the phrase that I think WordPress uses when you first sign up? “Just another WordPress site” I think? That sums my blog up well. It’s early days yet, so maybe I’ll find my little niche one day.

How does your writing process work?

Again, early days, so I’m not sure I have a process. I have a bunch of things I made pre-blog that I would still like to post about, plus a range of recently completed but un-blogged, often un-photographed, projects.

At the moment I have a list of things I’d like to blog about, and a bunch of drafted blog posts in a word file on my Google Drive, which are awaiting photos or the time to be edited and posted. I’m even typing this one here in advance (I’m writing this on 7 October), as Helen has pre-warned me of my nomination for the blog hop. Keep an eye out for other future posts I’ve already written on hoodies, scarf neck cardigans, the importance of quality tools and supplies, and my go to baby knitting patterns.

Roughly my process is to draft a post, or even a few at a time, then gather photos, then eventually finalise and publish. However, I think in future, I’d like to do what some people have noted they do in terms of using blog posts as a work in progress document while they’re constructing, taking the right photos along the way, then finalising and posting once they garment is complete. Or I could write all my notes in Drive as I go and take photos of each step as I write them down, so I don’t forget things, then use those notes and photos to put together a post later. That way I have a detailed diary for myself plus a public-facing post with the highlights, photos and notes that will be useful to others.

Nomination time!

It looks like fellow social sewers Kat, our amazing sewaway organiser, Liz, who I had the pleasure of getting to know at sewaway, and Mel, who makes amazing things with gorgeous fabric, haven’t posted anything yet, so I would love to hear from them. Feel free to join in whoever you are though!



One comment

  1. I haven’t tried Feedly, though lately I’ve been using Netvibes. I used Google Reader withing iGoogle (RIP iGoogle) and was livid when it was discontinued. Netvibes is as close to identical as I’ve seen, so now I have my weather, feeds, tweets, etc. all back together under a nicely outfitted dashboard complete with cute doodle at the top 🙂

    Hope you are making progress on are sewing room. All your awesome projects deserve their own space. Did you see the photo mug I made with my free prize from McD’s Monopoly? I didn’t get to spend a lot of time on it due to the expiration date, but for the short time I had to decide on photos and things I’m pleased with how it turned out!

    Have you made any new stuffed critters lately? There’s this magazine here that reminds me of you everytime I see it, and I wondered if you get it in Oz – it’s called Stuffed (http://stampington.com/stuffed). There are so many Stampington magazines I’m interested in, but they are so expensive that you don’t want to pick the wrong one or you are out of luck. I don’t care for their paper crafting style much, but I’m hoping to check out a new titled Bella Grace (a writing one), and then every now and then I like their Art Journaling one. They have lots of fabric craft ones, but Stuffed is especially cute I think, so let me know if you get it there!


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