Lotus Brick Path Quilt

Almost three and a half years after starting, I finally finished my second complete quilt recently.


This is my second ever quilt and came about before my pinning days, which have inspired me to do much more interesting things in future, so it’s a fairly basic quilt. Basic = quick, at least where the quilt top is concerned and I finished it over a weekend, so that part was good.

It was a weekend where I needed to be at home, but I also needed to stay busy. Unfortunately, the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake sparked a chain of events that led to my Granny’s death about a month later. I had been to visit her just the weekend before, and am so so pleased I decided to jump on a plane at the last minute and see my Granny and the rest of my family just two weeks after the earthquake, because that was the last time I saw her.  At that point, everything was fine, she was in hospital but expected to recover, but then ended up with an infection just the day after I left and was being kept comfortable and pain free by the following weekend and was not expected to make it more than a couple of days. So as I waited for the inevitable phone call, I made a quilt top.

The pattern (not that you really need a pattern for a brick quilt) is Amy Butler’s Lotus Brick Path Quilt. At the time, I was quite taken by Riley Blake and Michael Miller fabrics, and ordered a whole bunch from America via Etsy, which was quite cost effective at the time. I’ve found shipping to be a lot more prohibitive these days, but at the time I remember getting a bargain.

I would have to say that these fabrics are no longer my taste, so this is not a quilt I really want displayed proudly anywhere. However, it will make a nice extra layer on the bed in winter or cosy couch quilt.


After three years of sitting in my fabric stash container, and with a strong desire to tackle a new quilt combined with thoughts of “must finish the last one first”, I finally unearthed the quilt top for completion over the sewaway weekend in June. I figured three days of hunkering down to sew with some lovely fellow sewers was the perfect opportunity to get the damn thing done. Unfortunately I ran out of thread before I fully finished quilting, but it got me over the basting hump and 75 per cent of the way through quilting so I kept going and finished it off at the next social sewing day.

The quilting is terrible, so viewers are encouraged not to look closely. It’s straight lines with a seam for a guide, so hard to screw up in theory. However, I think it was a combination of a “don’t care, just want to get this done” attitude as well as the Bernina walking foot perhaps not being the best. My first quilt was completed on my Husqvarna, which is difficult to use as the needle is off centre and it has two sewing speeds: stop and FAST! But the quilting foot seems more heavy duty and fed the quilt through more evenly, whereas the stitch length result from the Bernina is highly variable and the quilt seemed to slip around a bit under the foot. Next time I quilt using the Bernina, I will have to take a bit more time and experiment a little first to make sure I’m getting some nice even quilting. Otherwise it might be a case that investing in a second (and expensive) quilting foot was a waste of money.


The backing is some gorgeous butterfly fabric I picked up at GJs, which is the 2.2 or 2.4 metre wide fabric that doesn’t require any piecing. I targeted that fabric to keep things simple, but it also limits fabric selection, so my chosen fabric perhaps doesn’t quite go with the front. But I loved the fabric (so much that a dark version is the backing for my third quilt) and didn’t care too much about finding the *perfect* fabric, it just need to be done! I went with a Riley Blake spot for the binding, in keep with the quilt top fabrics. And I actually really like the green on cream effect on the back. In fact, I may just like the back more than the front of this one.





  1. Even though these are far from my colors, they are still one of my favorite combos (citrus like), and I think it’s so fun and playful. Beautiful work!


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