Project Challenge

I don’t have so much of a stash of project-less fabric as a line up of various craft projects to start or complete, including fabric and notions or yarn in most cases. I also have a longer wish list of projects, things I have patterns for or have bookmarked online and intend to make. The “problem” (if you want to define it as such, I personally don’t!) is that I tend to start more new projects than I finish. I love a new project, I love the promise of perfection that a piece of uncut fabric brings, I love the image in my mind of an exceptional finished project. But I don’t love getting part way through and making a mistake or running out of fabric or getting confused by instructions. Sometimes I just get bored and need a change of scene! I always get there in the end, but the planned, purchased and half-finished project list keeps revolving (and slowly growing), rather than reducing.

So I am challenging myself to finish 10 projects before I even consider purchasing anything else*. I’m not one for deadlines on such things, but I’d be pretty happy if I got them done within the next three months.

The projects are:

  • Finish my new cowl to replace the scarf I’m bored of (already half knitted)
  • Reknit a pair of socks using this gorgeous and now rare collectors edition yarn (I knitted the first one too small and the second one started off way too big!)
  • [redacted: a third secret knitting project]
  • The ric-rac giraffe I picked up supplies and the pattern for during the inaugural Ballan sewaway (mine will not be multi-coloured!)
  • Make a new pencil skirt using a self-drafted pattern (like this but without the waistband)
  • Finish my latest quilt
  • Make my second self-drafted hoodie (the first can be seen here), which will be in mauve with gray trim (there is also a third planned, but I’m waiting to find a great printed fabric)
  • Make a moneta (or two!) – I’m still waiting to find the right fabric for these too, but I’m going hunting this weekend
  • Make a cute Christmas reindeer – pattern courtesy of Helen, its all cut and ready to sew
  • A new bag in cord fabric (also yet to be found/purchased)

Eleventh on the to-do list is to blog all of these! Along with some of the previous projects I mentioned. Stay tuned for updates…

*Supplies needed for some of these 10 projects excepted – there’s always a way to bend the rules 😉




    1. I love the giraffe! When I saw him in a fabric store, it was love at first sight 😉 There’s also an elephant and a hippo I have materials for, but haven’t got the pattern yet.


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