“Owl look after your stuff”

I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this one, I do know it wasn’t on Pinterest, which makes a change, but somehow I ended up finding these super cute owls and knew I wanted to make one. Like immediately, even though I have a list of at least 20 other projects I’m supposed to be working on.


As well as being cute, I also really wanted somewhere to store things like my pens and scissors on my sewing table, and doubling as a pin cushion will be great when I leave my regular one out of reach.

There are couple of downloading options, I went with Craftsy. The download includes written instructions, but I found the blog post with visuals really helpful.

Luckily I had everything I needed on hand, though I did make my own fusible fleece using leftover quilt batting and fusible webbing. It took me about two hours from lugging my printer out of its box and finding an ink cartridge that wasn’t dried up to the point where I was ready to stuff. The next evening I spent maybe 20 minutes or so stuffing, sewing on the beak and sewing him up.

I’m pretty happy with how he* turned out 🙂


*I’m not sure when he became a “he”, I was initially planning to make a bow for his head. Maybe I could make a bow tie instead.



  1. OMG I love him! He turned out very well, and he dug a lost memory out of my mind of my Grandma’s sewing/scissor holding hen. I had long forgotten about it so thanks for reminding me and for making me smile!


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